sweet potato pancakes
Mt. Tronador from Pampa Linda via Julia Pederson

X-47B gesture control

Flight of Fancy by David

An aerial maneuver performed during the Air and Ground Expo at McEntire Joint National Guard Base in Eastover, SC.

The Invisible Bike Helmet

Snow Crash


This is a ring made from dinosaur bone, meteorite, and gold.

I feel like this ring probably has supernatural powers.

The nickel iron meteorite is a good idea.
Favorites from an old list

5. Run the Real Marathon.
6. Eat a Durian.
7. Touch the Amazon
16. Learn to Play Harmonica Well Enough That Friends Find It Entertaining, Rather Than Loathsome.
17. Enter a Junkyard Carrying Nothing but a Toolbox and a Battery. One Week Later, Drive Out.
24. Hunt Hidden Treasure.
25. Go 300 Miles Under Your Own Power, from Your Own Front Door.
30. Fast for Two Days.
31. Recreate a Passage from a Novel.
34. Trespass.
44. Master the Bowline.
59. Overnight in a Fire Tower.
64. Build a Canoe in Your Basement.
83. On Its Home Turf, Encounter a …
84. Sleep in a Hammock.
85. Master a One-Pot Meal.
89. Go Roadwooding.
91. The Continental Divide by Moonlight.
92. Spelunk.
94. Motorcycle Iceland.
96. High Tea in Sri Lanka.
97. Learn the Trees, Flowers, Wildlife, Geology, and History of Your Place.

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